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Quick Fire 10 (11)
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Quick Fire 10 with Gabriel Moore

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author:by Sheridan Muir

​“Be resilient, don’t take things personally and be prepared to be knocked back, and GET BACK UP.”

​I had a few questions to ask Gabriel Moore, senior technology consultant in the UK and he shared his advice for someone just getting into recruitment, the proudest moments in his career and why he chose to work at Eames.

1. How did you get into recruitment?
Like a lot of people, I fell into it! My friend was a recruiter, and he thought I’d be good at it, so he shared my CV with his boss without telling me and arranged an interview. BOOM referral fee!

2. What is your advice for someone just getting into recruitment?
Be resilient, don’t take things personally and be prepared to be knocked back, and GET BACK UP.

3. What is it about recruitment that has kept you in the industry?
The people, meeting new candidates and clients is stimulating, your colleagues themselves tend to be pretty good fun as well.

4. What is the proudest moment in your career to date?
It’s hard to pick just one. Any promotion is significant as they are all very target-driven, so you know you’ve really smashed it! My first (company record), placing 7 candidates in my first 3 months was probably what made me fall in love with recruitment when it’s all going well. My most recent promotion is a highlight, as I was tasked with building a new area for Eames. Recently, I placed an excellent candidate working my first job in the United States. I was really quite proud of that.

5. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career so far and how have you overcome that?
Generating genuine touchpoints to stay in front of clients I know hire regularly and taking emotion out of the equation. Learning not to take things personally and sticking to your processes crucial to keeping yourself on an even keel.

6. What is your number 1 secret to success?
Hard work!

7. What do you think you would have been had you not gone into recruitment?
Political Risk Consultant.

8. How do you keep a work / life balance?
Switching off at the weekend, regular walks during the day, video calls and coffee!

9. Why Eames?
Best company I’ve worked for. Excellent balance between working hard and playing hard. Mature attitude to their clients and business.

10. People would be surprised if they knew?
I have double-jointed elbows.

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