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Jamie Card on the Recruitment Rollercoaster podcast

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Sarah Roebuck

​​For those of you not aware of The Recruitment Rollercoaster’ podcast, and if you are currently mulling over the idea of working in the recruitment industry, then this is where you will gain those invaluable insights.

Hishem Azzouz is already over 60 episodes into this podcast and has recently sat down with Jamie Card. In this episode, they discuss the failures, successes, insights and the open truth about a career in recruitment, including what you need to do to overcome that first 12 months.

Before you get your earphones ready or are about to click save for your commute home, we wanted to share a few insights that really demonstrate the essence of what is involved in being a recruiter.

Misconceptions and realisation

You may have been approached by recruiters in the past, have friends that work in the industry or have absolutely no clue what it entails, but there are a lot of misconceptions. Your primary objective at the end of the day is to find experienced candidates, gain new roles, develop relationships and make placements, leading to the end goal of earning that commission pay-cheque. This may sound simple when described in one sentence and for those who have been at it for years, earning lots of money and making placements every other week may be true for some, but it takes hard work and a tough outer shell to get there.

Jamie gives some really honest and interesting insights that truly put it all into perspective

  • In recruitment and especially in your first year you will hear the word no, more times than you hear the word yes

  • A great week to you can fall away quickly when the realisation hits you that you need to be doing more

  • Having your own accountability is extremely vital

  • Step back and always remember to ask yourself ‘what drives you?’

  • ‘Control the controllable parts of your role’

  • However independent and strong a salesman/woman you may be, never be afraid to say those three little words ‘I need help’

  • BD you will learn are the letters that strike fear in every recruiter just starting out, so find out how Jamie learnt the art of monetising client interactions

This may only be a quick snapshot but the whole podcast not only explores Eames and how we do things here, but the journey and drive it takes to be successful and happy for a career in recruitment.

It is informative, insightful, intriguing and relatable to every single recruiter in the industry whether you are thinking of joining, been a recruiter for 6 months or have established your career over years.