We welcome the real you.

​Opportunity can't happen without self-care. That's why we're always working hard to foster a culture where we look after one another, and ourselves. A place where you can be yourself and feel accepted. A place where you can show up every day being confident in who you are.

We don't want you to just work here, we want you to belong here. ​

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It's okay not to be okay.

We want our culture to be a place where everyone feels like they can be open if they’re not okay. And get the support they need, without judgment. We believe that sharing can heal. By talking about mental health, and being open about our experiences, we can ​create a safe stigma-free environment and a culture where no one suffers in silence.

Actions, not just words.

We all have the best intentions, but for us, that isn't enough. We've put a global strategy into action to foster a diverse and inclusive culture, that prioritises health and well-being.

We're taking a holistic approach - not just looking at how we can attract and hire more diverse talent, but how we can foster inclusion, amplify belonging and advocate for mental health.

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Our workplace is for everyone.

We believe different and diverse perspectives can create fresh opportunities. So, bring us your personal experience, your unique perspectives, and your background. It’s in our differences that we will make opportunity happen.

Eames Group

Support is always there.

Here are some of the ways we help.

  • Re-charge the batteries. Take a wellness day on us, to focus on your well-being.

  • Wellness Week. A whole week dedicated to health and well-being with organised events, webinars and activities.

  • Get some headspace. Our mindfulness sessions are virtual, free of charge and the perfect way to bring balance to your life.

  • Get the steps in. Quarterly global events like 'On Your Feet Eames' and our '500km Strava Challenge' to fundraise and exercise.

  • Keep connected. Our monthly EamesInk wellness newsletter is packed with regular insights on everything related to your well-being.

  • Always on support: Our employee assistance program offers everyone in the UK free and confidential access to professional help, 24/7.

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​All year long.

We don’t think of mental health as a single day, week, or month on the calendar. Sure, Mental Health Awareness Week gives us an opportunity to shine a spotlight for a few days. And even though we do actively participate in global awareness campaigns, we do so much more, throughout the year.

​We provide the tools resources that allow our team to nurture their mental health in their own way and give them the support they need in a way that works for them.

Team Eames running The Big Half in London, September 2023
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Sound good?

Get in touch with our Talent Acquisition team to discover what opportunity at Eames can mean for you.