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5 objective signs you’re really ready for recruitment management

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Danielle Rainert

​Many recruitment consultants see management as the ‘natural’ next step in their career. But before you devise your ‘promotion’ strategy to recruitment management, have you really reflected on whether you’re ready for the challenge?

There are different traits that separate top billers from managers and leaders. However, it’s one thing to have the traits but are you ready for management - now?

These are the five objective signs that show you’re really ready to make the transition.

1. Junior consultants often ask you for assistance

You may believe that you would happily help anyone that came to you for advice. You may have lots of ideas on how certain individuals may be able to improve. However, you should already be one of the go-to people that people turn to when they’ve got a problem.

The one they seek out when met with an unexpected sales objection. The one they turn to when they can’t determine whether a candidate is fully committed. And the one they feel they can talk to when they’re just having a bad day.

Being that person who people already trust with their problems predicts your future leadership quality. It suggests you listen more than you talk, you’re open and approachable, and you know how to provide constructive feedback. 

2. You're committed to self-development and share it with others

You have a growth mindset and don’t believe that all skills are innate. Instead, they can be built on. If your obsession with self-development books means you’ve become friendly with your Amazon Prime delivery driver (or you choose to work out to the latest audible book), it’s a great start.

If you then find yourself sharing the insights you’ve gleaned with your team via email/WhatsApp, then you’re showing promise to be a great manager.

3. You are driven by seeing other consultants succeed

Someone in your team has just beaten the all-time record for billings for the quarter. If your first feeling is of genuine excitement, instead of a not-too-secret pang of jealousy, then it’s a great sign.

So long as that excitement would still exist if they adapted your advice, or took a new approach they had read about elsewhere. Instead, you would analyse why that approach worked on that occasion and save it in your ‘sales techniques’ folder.

4. You've been that rare apprentice manager who has stepped aside when needed

Those with real management quality know when to step aside to achieve the overall goal. They recognise everyone’s individual capabilities and how to capitalise on them, instead of seeking glory. 

If you’ve found yourself inviting your colleague to lead a meeting to help win more business, then you may just have the makings of a manager. 

5. You're often a middle-man between colleagues and management

Are upper management constantly tapping you for ideas or asking you to rally the team to support a new initiative? Or maybe colleagues ask you to put forward any problems they have to management?

If so, it’s likely you’re already seen as on your way to management.​