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Quick Fire 10 (29)
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Quick Fire 10 with Robin Muir

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by Sheridan Muir

“Consistency and persistence is key to success in this business." 

I had a few questions to ask Robin Muir, senior principal on the Technology team and he had some great advice for people starting out in the recruitment industry.

1. How did you get into recruitment?
My Uncle got me an interview at his firm he was working for at the time and it all went on from there.

2. What is your advice for someone just getting into recruitment?
Consistency and persistence is key to success in this business. Be a sponge, work closely with your colleagues and soak up as much information as possible. No question is a stupid question when you are just starting out. If you feel silly asking it, you are working with the wrong people!

3. What is it about recruitment that has kept you in the industry? 
Technology is the exciting part of my role, constantly seeing change in the industry drives some exciting conversations and engaging with some really interesting people doing some incredible things.

4. What is your proudest moment in your career to date?
There were a couple of proud moments. Receiving my 3rd promotion in the space of a year, also getting voted for the ‘best sales’ award by my colleagues.

5. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career so far and how have you overcome that?
Being without a manager for most of 2018 was a big challenge for me. It was someone who taught me basically everything I know, a good friend as well as a boss to me, but that gave me the determination to step up and implement everything I had learnt on my own.

6. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?
“If this job was easy, everyone would do it. As long as you are given the right tools to succeed, partnered with the right attitude, this job can easily be one of the best out there!”

7. What are you driven by and how do you stay motivated?
Everyone has aspirations to have better things, like being able to buy a nice house or a new car as a product of their achievements but my true motivations come from being able to help people and the buzz I get after a positive response from placing a candidate or helping a client.

8. What do you think you would have been had you not gone into recruitment?
I was really into my music, as I studied it through GCSE, A-Level and for my Degree, so definitely would have been doing something musical, front of house audio production, working on sound FX for TV/films, or a superstar DJ!

9. How do you keep a work / life balance?
I make sure I use my lunch breaks or before work to go to the gym as i feel its really good for my mental health and well-being.

10. What’s your most overused recruitment word / phrase?
'Persistence speaks resistance'​

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