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Our five favourite Ted Talks about kindness

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago
  • Author:by Sheridan Muir

​​Mental Health Awareness Week is all about the power and potential of kindness. So we bring you 5 inspiring Ted Talks all about kindness.

1. Raegan Hill – The power of kindness

Kindness breaks language barriers, touches people from all distances, and unites us all – different or alike. Focused on the physiological and physical benefits of being kind, Raegan dives deep into central themes such as honesty, humility and being “harmless”. She shows data and statistics that demonstrate that people who enact kindness may be the biggest beneficiaries.

Watch it now.

2. John Sweeny – Why kindness matters

John’s three key areas are firstly, the need to be kind to others – to make someone feel they matter; secondly, the importance of inspiring others to be kind – people notice kindness to others and are encouraged to pay it forward. And finally, the need to be kind to yourself – we are often our own worst enemies in this regard but treating ourselves with kindness is just as important.

Watch it now.

3. Mark Kelly – How one act of kindness a day can change your life

In this talk, Mark explains how after meeting 5,000 people In recruitment, and his podcast guests he has discovered just how powerfully random acts of kindness can impact happiness, productivity and positive transformations in society.

Watch it now.

4. Orly Wahba – The power of kindness

Orly takes us on a personal journey; from the dream of a young child to change the world through the power of kindness, to the obstacles and challenges that helped her transform it into reality.

Watch it now.

5. Sadie Zinn – Make kindness a habit

Helping someone else is the easiest and healthiest way to experience happiness. Sadie has learned through personal experience, that giving back to people can lead to more happiness, and keep people connected.

Watch it now.