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Quick Fire 10   Getting Into Recruitment
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We asked #TeamEames: What is your advice for someone just getting into recruitment?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by Sheridan Muir

Are you considering a career in recruitment? We asked #TeamEames for their advice to those just starting out in the industry.

  • "Take your time to enjoy the learning journey. Remember, more haste = less speed." - Charmaine Chiam, Singapore

  • "Recruitment is a multi-disciplinary vocation. You should read widely and have good research skills. Understanding how macro and micro factors affect one another, and also the taxonomy of banking segments and related areas in your specialism definitely helps." -Vincent Yao, Singapore

  • "Be resilient, don’t take things personally and be prepared to be knocked back, and GET BACK UP." - Gabriel Moore, UK

  • "Remaining resilient and persevering through the harder times. Recruitment is an extremely rewarding career however when you’re first starting out, you can come up against some setbacks and it’s just about learning from them and continuing to grow." - Laura Bellamy, UK

  • "Work hard, be honest with your customers and learn from your peers." - Jim Freeman, UK

  • "Do your research. Be clear on the company you are joining and how they will support you through training and coaching, and their vision and reputation. Also, be clear on the sector and discipline you want to work in. It's important to 'love what you do' as this enables you to get more satisfaction from doing it and in turn, I believe, be better at it. Passion is a great enabler to achieving great results." - Matthew Eames and

  • "Don’t be scared to get on the phone, your first day in the office. You might pick up the phone and think to yourself 'what if I say something wrong?', or 'What if I make a mistake'? Don’t worry about it. Pretty much everyone has made a mistake on the phone!" - Toby Miles, Hong Kong

  • "Treat your first year as a learning experience, and don’t go in expecting you will make lots of placements right off the bat. This will stop you from burning out and keeping a positive mindset." - Matthew Lam, Hong Kong

  • "Be curious and keep learning, every day presents something new. Never be afraid to ask questions and make mistakes." - Abigail Lee, Singapore

  • "Perseverance, hard work and humility. These are traits that an excellent recruiter should possess." - Chanel Wee, Singapore

  • "Everybody sees the rewards that you can get from recruitment, but most people aren’t aware of how much hard work it is, especially at the start. There is absolutely no substitute for hard graft in this job in the early days, that mixed with the ability to be a sponge, listen and be tenacious and it’s a good recipe for a long career in recruitment." - Mark Thomas, UK

  • "Be prepared to put in the hours, read around your market, how it works, who are the key players etc (commutes are good for this!) and keep asking questions." - Thomas Davenport, UK

  • "Be consistent and regular in all the small aspects of the job. Doing the finer details of this role which may seem basic are the foundations to a successful career." - Daniel Warwick, Singapore

  • "It is important to realise that recruitment is a marathon and not a sprint. You should think of recruitment as a career rather than just a job. There will be good days and bad days which is the nature of the role, but the key is learning from the tough moments for the future to make you a better consultant." - Chirag Raichura, UK

  • "To quote 'The Rock', always be the hardest worker in the room." - Luke Eeles, Singapore

If you'd like to find out more about what a career in recruitment can offer you plese get in touch with our Talent Acquisition team on: careers@eames-group,com.