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The Future at Eames: Launching Eames Group

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author:by Matthew Eames

​We’re excited to share the launch of Eames Group.

The launch of Eames Group brings our three specialist brands, Eames Consulting, Eames Partnership and ECMS, under one roof. Coupled with a centrally aligned Corporate Services function, Eames Group empowers the brands within the group to realise opportunity in our ‘Future at Eames’ plan.

Eames Group is united in one common purpose: to make opportunities happen.

Across our three non-competing businesses, we work in partnership with our clients and candidates to empower them to shape their futures. We do this not with a short-term view but by developing long-term strategic relationships. Through talent solutions in recruitment, executive search, market intelligence and management consultancy, we move our clients forward with deep knowledge of their business and our refined expertise.

Ruth Foster, Chief People Officer, shared:

“We started the Future at Eames project by exploring our purpose and values, in line with our 3-year strategy for the wider business. Throughout the project, it became apparent that we needed to look at the brand structure within Eames, and we needed to align our visual identity with who we are and where we’re going. 

“Our three brands need to be unified by a stronger, more distinctive identity to achieve this. Equally, we need a platform to share core centralised messages such as D&I, Health & Wellbeing and CSR.

"Launching Eames Group is the solution to both those objectives, and also gives us one channel for attracting talent to the Group.”

Of the branch launch, Head of Marketing Sarah Roebuck shared:

“There are many advantages to closer collaboration across the Group, and a stronger, more unified brand identity will help us maximise those opportunities.

“As we seek to grow and expand into new markets like New York and Europe, we can do so with a more contemporary, progressive brand identity which better reflects who we are and how we work.

“Equally, a centralised platform for talent attraction and engagement will better serve us in communicating the core pillar of our culture and employer brand. Exciting times for Team Eames!”

Eames CEO and Founder Matthew Eames shared:

“I remember very clearly the day I signed the lease on our first office in Hammersmith. Starting the business with an empty database but a very clear vision of how I felt we could add value to the markets we serve.

“Through overseas expansion, the launch of new brands, and working with many talented, driven and passionate colleagues, that vision still remains very true. We make opportunity happen.

“The launch of Eames Group is a bittersweet moment for me – it's a chance to be reflective of how far we’ve come, but also an opportunity to look forward to the future. The road ahead is exciting but, it’s also a challenging one with our sector evolving faster than it ever has done.

“We have a very clear plan for the future. But this growth can only be realised through our people. We’re actively hiring across all offices. If you’re the kind of person who gets fired up by creating opportunities – rather than waiting for them to come to you – you’ll be rewarded at Eames.”

Following the launch of Eames Group, a brand refresh will be rolled out across Eames Consulting, Eames Partnership and ECMS to further unify our brand identity.


Sarah Roebuck
Head of Marketing