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Secrets of Success: Laura Bellamy [Episode 16]

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by Danielle Rainert

​​In this episode of Secrets of Success, I interview principal consultant and change management expert Laura Bellamy.

Laura joined Eames in 2016 as an associate consultant. She's developed her career, securing three promotions. Having specialised in the insurance market for the entirety of her recruitment career, with a focus on change and technology roles, Laura speakers passionately about being an SME.

Transitioning from contract and interim recruitment into senior appointments in the change and technology space, Laura talks about the importance of partnering with your contacts and immersing yourself in your market.

Tune in to hear Laura's secrets of success. Watch the full episode below, or tune in on Apple, Spotify, and your other favourite podcast platforms.

Like what you hear? Connect with Laura on LinkedIn or reach out to hear more about opportunities at Eames: