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Secrets of Success: Glen Roberts [Episode 18]

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by Danielle Rainert

​​In this episode of Secrets of Success, I sit down with Glen Roberts, partner & director of our UK banking and asset management division.

Glen joined Eames in 2017 and had built one of Eames' most successful divisions. Glen leads from the front - a billing manager, and in 2021 will find himself in the global top ten perm billers.

In this episode, Glen gives insight into hiring and onboarding experienced recruitment talent and engaging those new-to-recruitment. A great episode for any leader or manager in recruitment.

Tune in now. Watch the full episode below, or tune in on Apple, Spotify,and your other favourite podcast platforms.

Like what you hear? Connect with Glen on LinkedIn or get in touch with Danni to explore careers at Eames: