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We Asked #TeamEames: What are some ways you can make a small impact on the environment?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author:by Sheridan Muir

Today offers people around the world a chance to focus on the planet and the challenges facing it. And from plastic pollution to biodiversity collapse to the climate crisis, there’s no shortage of issues to tackle.

This global environmental holiday is celebrated by an estimated 1 billion people. The day is meant to serve both as a reminder of the threats to our planet and a chance to appreciate everything the Earth offers.

This Earth Day, we asked #TeamEames: What are some ways you can make a small impact on the environment?

  • Replacing a drive with a walk or cycle is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment and also allow you to appreciate what is around you and how that can lift your mood and improve your general health. Secondly is to utilise second hand or charity shops where you can. I have two small children, and the majority of their toys come from charity shops which helps reduce single-use plastic, packaging and distribution footprint. - Andrew Mackay, UK

  • I would say be mindful when you shop. Opt for reusable products and sustainable packaging. I’m mindful of this, particularly with things like toiletries and buying take-out drinks. - Amelia Mercer, UK

  • I try to do little things, like going a week without eating any meat every once in a while and walking part of my commute to reduce my carbon footprint. - Viveca Riley, UK

  • Walking or using public transport instead of driving if you can! - Sophie Daniel, UK

  • I reuse the same plastic bag every day when in the office. I also try to walk everywhere when possible. - Ben Meoded, UK

  • Go paperless, recycle and walk or cycle instead of taking the car, although we’ve just bought an electric car to help on rainy days. - Richard Williams, UK

  • I stick by reduce, reuse, recycle! - Kun Liang, Singapore

  • I choose solar energy for my home! - Fairuz Abu, Singapore

  • I try to cycle everywhere and get fewer Grabs or Ubers.- Harry Buttery, Singapore

  • There are many ways we can do our part in saving the earth. For me, it is to digitalise all documents to use less paper and use fewer disposables such as eliminating the usage of plastic straws. - Jasper Ang, Singapore

  • ‘Think global and act local.’ It sounds cliché, but it is something I think about when incorporating small actions into my day. Recycling is a big one in my house, and more recently, I have been more conscious with my online shopping after realising how much-unneeded packaging gets wasted in the process! - Rafaela Fakhre, UK

  • It’s awareness about the small things all adding up – and that if we all do those things, the future will be much brighter for the future generations. Single-use plastics are such an easy and obvious one. I always use reusable water bottles and shop locally where I can because they use far less packaging, products are organic, and it’s supporting local, smaller businesses to boot. - Ruth Foster, UK

  • Looking at the ecological footprint of your food, if it has to take a number of air miles to get you your plate, it will have an increasingly negative impact on the environment. Try and have one vegan day a week to reduce your animal-based protein. Plant proteins have a much lower ecological impact, and it’s healthy too. - Abigail Moss, UK

  • Unplug devices and appliances and turn off the lights! Recycle when you can and reuse items as much as possible. Try not to buy any single-use plastic and cycle more rather than drive. - Jessica Evans, UK

  • We can all do our bit for the environment, whether walking, recycling, choosing environmentally friendly packaging etc. Whilst these may seem like small things, if everyone did this, it would make a much more significant impact. - Lauren Seal, UK

  • I walk and ride home from work, use public transport less, and be more energy efficient at home, especially as more of us are working from home. Little things like making sure the plugs are turned off and no food wastage always help. - Hazel Rowe, Singapore

  • I avoid printing documents and will try to use recycled paper if possible. I always try to re-use old items and see if I can do some DIY on them. I used an old dress to make a table mat on my study table and a little curtain for my book corner! - Jojo Yeung, Hong Kong

  • I try to remind myself only to use what I really need. There’s still so much wastage going on in this part of the world – plastic bags, utensils, etc. I try to put my purchases in my bags as often as possible. - Abigail Lee, Singapore

  • One of the ways I try and make a small impact on the environment is by eating less meat. My partner and I once a week, try to cut out meat during our meals. - Nigel Ma, Singapore