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Lauren Seal promoted to Director of Group Operations

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author:by Richard Williams

​We are delighted to announce the promotion of Lauren Seal to Director of Group Operations.

Lauren joined Eames Group in April 2012 and in her decade here she has become the backbone of the business.

Richard Williams shares: “Always somebody who demonstrates outstanding personal accountability, Lauren has steered her teams in the UK and Asia through a hugely challenging and productive two years, starting with the enforced switch to remote working and the acceleration of the roadmap to a cloud-based environment.

An office move in London was then thrown in for good measure and this year that has been followed by the UK rollout of our new global voice solution and a major project to put everything in place for our US launch in May of this year.

Lauren and her team have to strike the difficult balance between the often-competing goals of an operations function which are to make consultants' lives easier but also to operate within a framework that protects the company. I haven’t met anybody in my career in the industry who has done that more adeptly and tactfully than Lauren.

Please join me in congratulating her.”